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If you have ever dropped your retractable lead or needed an extra hand while walking your dog! Think about the advantages of having the HANDFREE Safety Strap attached to the handle of your retractable lead!

Top 10 Reasons To buy a Handfree Safety Strap

  1. You will always have the peace of mind that your dog can not pull the leash out of your hand
  2. You can use both of your hands to clean up after your dog.
  3. Makes it easy for you to attach and unhook the lead from your dogs collar.
  4. You can pick up your dog without having to hold the retractable lead
  5. Using the side release buckle you can attach your lead to another safe object.
  6. The Handfree strap allows you to have both hands free to use your mobile phone.
  7. The fully adjustable strap will comfortably fit any size wrist.
  8. Allows you to have a hand free to carry an extra bag or use your keys.
  9. You can keep both your hands in your pockets to stay warm.
  10. Knowing your dog cant get lost or hurt during walkies.


The Handfree Safety wrist strap gives you all the benefits of a regular lead while using a retractable lead. No more putting the retractable lead under your arm or between your legs. It will be attached to your wrist.

  • positive review  Stopped my little hyperactive Springer cross Border from legging it twice now..

    thumb Matt Osborn

    positive review  Awsome bit of kit highly recommended for all dog lovers to use on there retractable lead.

    thumb Steven Underwood