The Handfree Safety Strap allows you to use your Retractable lead with confidence, We have all dropped or had the lead pulled out of our hands by our dogs to see them running off into the distance scared with the noise of the lead dragging behind them, well no more. The Handfree Safety Strap is fully adjustable to fit comfortably and securely around any size wrist and locks around the handle of your retractable lead by using the curved side release buckle.

Use the retractable lead as normal but with the confidence and peace of mind that if you drop the retractable lead or it is pulled out of your hand, your dog will be safe and secure and in your control.

Now you will have an extra hand free while walking your dog for cleaning up dog mess, using your mobile phone or keys or just having your hands in your pockets to stay warm.

Think about all the advantages of having the HANDFREE Safety Strap attached to the handle of your retractable lead!


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The Handfree Safety Strap a quality product just made walkies safer

best prices on the market

best prices on the market

You will find the best price for the Handfree Safety Strap here as we manufacture the strap

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Fast delivery

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money back guarantee

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on your purchase of the Handfree Safety Strap

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